According to Bible, there will soon come difficult times to Born-Again Christians everywhere in the world. We have read from newspapers how resistance against Bible-believing Born-Again Christians is slowly rising; specially in the US. but also here in Finland. I can proudly tell you that Finland has exceptional position because here the Mass-Media has -- until these days -- given people pretty positive picture about fundamental Bible-Believing Christians. Everyone in Finland a man named "Veikko Hursti". Every Christmas he makes -- with hundreds of volunteers -- a Christmas dinner to lonely and homeless people in Helsinki, and every time TV and newspapers around Finland report about it. People have also seen -- through TV and newspapers -- pictures about breadlines in front of Salvation Army's offices. It depends on the newspaper's political colour who is -- they say -- responsible for the breadlines (current government or bad luck) but the Salvation Army has always got hero's role. I don't think I overreact too much if I say that the Salvation Army in today's Finland is the only quarter which maintains positive image about Born-Again Christians and builds obstacles, so that antichristian hatred can not rage here without control. It is true; a person who has sometimes got food-bag from the Salvation Army will think twice whether to start slaughtering Born-Again Christians even if the Antichrist from the United Nations' headquarters would ask to do so.

However, Christians in Finland must sometimes listen angry feedback. A few times, when I have listened a Christian radio-channel on Sunday-night, a depressed person calls to the studio. This person is distressed and he (or she) discharges his anger to the person who speaks in the radio. In fact, he is not angry to the person who speaks in the radio; he is angry to God. He may say: "God is cruel". When the radio-broadcaster asks "Why do you think so" he says: "God is cruel because He sends people to hell for eternity."

The idea about eternal punishment in hell really sounds cruel. And, addition to this, hell is very bad place to spend eternity. About 12 years ago an urban legend revolved around Finland. The legend said, that Soviet geologists had drilled 12 kilometres deep hole to Earth's surface and opened a road to hell. An American Christian ministry (http://www.av1611.org/hell.html) has written an article about this story. In the article they say: "The following article appeared in the well respected Finnish newspaper, Ammennusastia."

I must say that I have never heard about a newspaper called "Ammennusastia". But, the story can be true anyway. [Later I found out via Internet that some Finnish libraries really have 12 years old copies of that newspaper, but the newspaper does not exist anymore]. According to the article, Soviet scientists found out, that the temperature at bottom was about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and they could hear screams from lost souls who were suffering their eternal punishment.

About three years ago, a Finnish publisher published Mary Baxter's book "A Divine Revelation Of Hell". In the book, Jesus visited personally to the writer and took her to see the place where unsaved souls wait for their Last Judgement. Mary Baxter's story has many similarities with the legend I told above; in her book Hades was located to the centre of Earth, too. The book tells that in our Planet, there are many roads which lead directly to the centre of Earth (Hades). And, when unsaved person dies, demons catch him and took him along the nearest tunnel to Hades.

These stories may sound a little bit naive, but they can be true. Even if scientists have not found any tunnels which lead to the centre of Earth, these tunnels may still exist anyway. You must remember; when a person leaves this physical body he enters to the invisible world, and it becomes reality to him. Even if someone could split our planet, it is possible that he would not find any Hades or unsaved souls suffering there. But, these things may still exist there -- as an invisible form.

If hell is really so bad place, and if the punishment is eternal, it is no wonder if many people can not believe in Righteous God. However, Bible says that God is Righteous. How is this possible? Of course someone might say, that if God is Almighty, then He can decide Himself what is rightful act and what is not. He could even decide, that unbaptized infants must go to the eternal fire and say: "I have no problems with this, this is rightful act because I say that it is." The person called "someone" might continue by saying: "Maybe God will re-program all saved people in Heaven, so that they automatically repeat the clause 'God is Righteous, God is righteous...' even if He would not be Righteous 'for real'."

Luckily, this scenario is not possible. If God says that He is Righteous, He must be; and, all people -- saved and unsaved -- will understand this fact when it is time for the Final Judgement -- not because God will re-program or force us to think so, but -- because at the Final Judgement we all will understand matters which we don't understand yet. If God would have to force us -- in eternity -- to think certain way; for example that He is Righteous even if He would not be Righteous "for real", how could He "look to the mirror" without beeing ashamed of that what He can see? This is the reason why I think that if God says He is Righteous He must really be; and, He is able to explain why there is need for eternal fire. Also, this is the reason why I think that unbaptized infants will not go to hell.

It is extremely harsh punishment to spend eternity in Hell, and I can not fully understand it's principle yet. But, there are a lot of people in the world who have produced a lot of pain to their fellowmen and/or -women: wifebeaters, animal tormenters, people who torture political prisoners as their job an even enjoy it, for example -- not to mention Hitler or Stalin who had sent millions of people to concentration camps. Do you think it would be too wrong if such people have to go to the eternal fire? What about Desmond Morris. He has spent his whole life mocking Christians and Christianity. If Desmond Morris have to go to the eternal fire, would it be terrible wrong?

What about if wifebeater, animal tormenter or Desmond Morris would find Jesus and became Born-Again. Would God forgive their all bad works? Thank God, He would not! Please don't miss-understand me; if person dies when he is Born-Again he will go to Heaven. But, everyone has to pay -- in this life! -- of their all bad actions; these actions he has done before he became Born-Again and these actions after he became Born-Again. A local Pentecostal minister told me this fact in one Thursday-night and, I think, it's the best thing in Christianity. God is really Righteous! Many people don't know this fact, and I'm afraid that Antichrist will use their ignorance against Christianity; he may say: "Christianity is bad religion because Born-Again Christians are allowed to do anything they want without never being punished." As I said above, this is not true, and I hope that all people would keep this fact in their minds.

The last question: what happens to those people who have never heard about Gospel or salvation? Cutting Edge has an article (http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1141.cfm) where Billy Graham says, that such people will automatically go to Heaven. Mr. Graham's statement is not in harmony with Bible. God has given every human being a conscience that tells what is correct and what is not. Further, a person who has never heard about Jesus can do cruel acts to other people as well as anyone else. Yet, Mary Baxter reveals one extra thing about Hades: there is a cold section, too. Mary doesn't tell strictly what kind of person will end up to the cold section but we can read "between the lines", that such person who tries to earn his place in Heaven is in danger to end up to the cold section of Hades and eventually to Hell. "A Divine Revelation Of Hell" tells that people in Hades will face different punishment according to what they have done in their earthly life and how much they have heard about Salvation. In the light of all I have written above, it is not wise to go voluntarily to hell; voluntarily because you may feel sympathy for those who have to go there. It is much better to believe that God IS Righteous, and to wait that moment when you can meet Him personally -- as a winner! -- in Heaven and hear His interpretation of all matters.

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