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I don't have secret news sources, but I have written this article so that I could tell you about the New Age from my own perspective.


My name is Pasi Toivonen, I am 30 years old and I live in Finland. About 20 years ago I became interested in Flying Saucers. I don't remember exactly how it happened, but the result was that I started to read books about UFOs. There were written a lot of UFO-books in Finland in late 60's and early 70's, and when I was reading these books I was quickly convinced that everything they said was true. I must say that the books which were written almost 30 years ago didn't go any deeper when dealing with the UFO-issue; they just reported what people had seen and done -- and people saw a lot UFO's in Finland that time.

Some UFO-incidents reported in those books were scary. I remember one case -- I don't remember if it happened in Finland or not -- where a man, walking alone in a dark forest saw aliens from outer space. The aliens tried to catch him but the man climbed to the tree. These aliens gathered around the tree. The man in the tree began to tear pieces from his clothes. Then he set fire these pieces and dropped down, one by one. Every time when a burning piece came down , the aliens retreated a little but they came soon back. The man stayed in the tree whole night, and when the sun finally rose next morning the aliens left away. The man came down from the tree. He was saved from a frightening attack made by "space aliens".

I remember many other similar incidents, and sometimes abducted man or woman never came back to Earth. I was convinced that space aliens were mostly hostile.

In the late 1980's there came a new wave of UFO-books which were coloured with the New Age ideology. These books spent many pages on thinking what the Flying Saucers want from us. One famous UFO-writer and New Age occultist -- her name is Rauni-Leena Luukanen -- said that all visitors from space are kind, and that they just want to help people on Earth. She also told that evil men from CIA and FBI counterfeit UFO-reports. She said that evil Christian press CIA and other organisations to write false UFO-reports -- evil aliens attacking people -- because the aliens from outer space preach the New Age ideology and, because evil Christians don't want that people would find the "truth".

Many people here in Finland believe everything that the writer says in her books. But, after reading some of her books I slowly began to loose my faith in UFOs. I remembered those frightening incidents written 30 years ago and I couldn't believe that CIA could have written false reports to a Finnish UFO-book 30 years ago! I also remembered from George Adamski's book "I Have Been In A Flying Saucer" how george's hosts from "Venus" told him that they use to swim in Venus' oceans, and that there is even snow on top of the planet's highest mountains! Russian satellites have visited in Venus and they found out that the temperature on Venus' surface is more than 480 degrees Celsius, and that there is surely no water of snow in Venus! Now I am sure that the Flying Saucers are not visitors from outer space. Demons who were dressed up as space aliens tell people such stories in order to test them. If people are ready to believe that it is possible to swim in Venus they are prepared to believe in everything the aliens say.


In George Adamski's "I Have Been In A Flying Saucer" the space aliens told a lot about reincarnation to George. It seems to be obvious that space aliens (=demons) try to explain to us, that when a race evolves to a certain level -- technically and mentally -- they will automatically reject old relogions and start adopt New Age ideologies. Mrs Luukanen explains that Christians are not evolved enought because thhey don't want to believe in the reincarnation.

So, when I read about UFOs and what the aliens teached about reincarnation, I started to read books about the issue. These books were concentrated on "memories" that some children had from their "previous lives". However, one book mentioned Professor Ian Stewenson. He has done a lot of research about reincarnation. A high-ranked Buddhist monk said him once, that all these "memories" were caused by demons. If the Buddhists who believe in reincarnation don't believe that someone could have memories from his/her previous lives, I have a good reason to suspect all those testimonies that some children have.


After researching the New Age I found out that the New Age consists of three cornerstones: UFOs, reincarnation and Atlantis. The whole doctrine stands on those three stones. Now -- I hope -- I have injured -- at least a little -- two out of these three stones, and now I will concentrate on Atlantis; it is much more difficult subject.

Reincarnation brought me to Atlantis. Many people have said they had memories about life in Atlantis 12,000 years ago. Theory about Atlantis tries to give a scientific evidence or basis for the New Age. Plato told, that about "9,000 years before Solon" (9,500 BC) there was a large island -- or a small continent -- in middle of Atlantic Ocean. Plato also said, that behind Atlantis (west from Atlantis) there was another continent: (America). Because there really exists a continent -- America -- behind the Ocean, the New Agers think that this is a clear evidence: everything that Plato says is true! Plato continues: a short time before Atlantis' disappearing the people (Atlantineans) controlled a large part of Europe and Northern Africa. They also had a battle with Atheneans -- the brave Atheneans won the battle and liberated the areas which were occupied by the Atlantineans. Rudolph Steiner, a famous Theosophy wrote that white race (the Aryans) were descentants of those who survived from Atlantis' destruction. Adolf Hitler knew well what Stainer had written, and he adopted some Steiner's ideas by thinking that the white race is a higher race and, that it has right to submit "lower races". So, we can make a conclusion that there is a clear connection between Atlantis (New Age) and Hitler. However, Plato told that the Atlantineans were evil conquerors and the Atheneans were heroes who beat the Atlantineans in a decisive battle a short time berofe Atlantis sank.

So, the New Agers believe that they are right, and that Christians are wrong because they (we, Born Again Christians) believe that Adam was created much later, between 5,500 BC and 4,000 BC. Ancient Egyptians wrote number "9,000" and "900" almost same way; so it is possible Plato made a small mistake, and that the truth would be "900 years before Solon" (not 9,000). Then we arrive to the year 1,500 BC. Thera's eruption happened about that time. I am not a scientist but I think it could be hardly possible, that Atlantis really existed in 1,500 BC, and that the Atlantineans really controlled a large part of Europe and Northern Africa that time. Another possibility is, that Plato translated the number "9,000" correctly and, that the Egyptians just "pulled" the number 9,000 "from the hat" (=number 9,000 was only a guess) because the ancient Egyptians had no idea how time passes. In this case, fall of Atlantis could have happened any time; before of after Noah's flood. There has happened several large disasters in the world history. For example, Krakatau's eruption in 535 A.D. caused coldness, drought and famine all over the world. But the mankind survived. So, it is possible that Atlantis really sank in 1,500 BC or earlier, but people don't remember such events anymore. You can read more about Atlantis from my web-site. Address is: http://www.mantta.fi/~patato/atlantis.html.


I hope that now I have pointed out, that there is no scientific evidence about visitors from outer space, reincarnation or Atlantis' destruction in 9,500 BC or anything else that New Age teaches. The New Age is only a religion -- and not wery scientific one. In the next chapter I try to explain how empty religion New Age really is.

New Age Does Not Offer Eternal Rest To It's Adherents

The New Age is a demon doctrine, there is no doubt about it. But, let's play that the New Age would be the truth. In that case there would be no personal God, just a Cosmic Force and all living things in the universe would be part of that Force. About 15 billion years ago that cosmic Force exploded forming first planets and later living organism which became humans. The New Agers love the theory of "Big Bang" which created the universe, and that in the future the universe begins to shrink till the Big Bang.

The New Age believes that the "Cosmic Force" is a kind of machine, like an old-fashioned mechanical clock. It has always worked -- from eternity -- and it will always do; it never stops.

The New Agers despise Born Again Christians because we believe that man has to spend eternity in Heaven or hell. The New Agers think that spending eternity in hell is too harsh punishment, and they say that we have a better doctrine. The New Agers proudly say, that when man has evolved enought he can get rid of the Reincarnation Cycle. He can merge to the Force. He doesn't have to born anymore. But this is not true. What happens when the old universe dies and the new one borns? There happens a new Big Bang. The Cosmic Force explodes again forming planets and living organism. Then everyone who has once been merged to the Force has to start the Reincarnation Cycle again, first as a bacteria and then, if he has a good luck he can -- after billions of borns and deaths and reborns -- finally evolve to a such level where he can merge to the Cosmic Force for a while. But the Reincarnation Cycle starts again every time when a new universe borns, and that cycle never ends; it will continue always and always, for ever, without any deeper purpose.

This is New Age's dirty little secret. If you believe in New Age's doctrines you must realise that you never get rid of the Reincarnation Cycle. You never have eternal rest. I am happy that the New Age is not the truth.

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