Nov 28, 2001

Do We Live The Time Just Before Storm?

When Asia's economic crisis began in 1997, there was one man -- I think -- who rejoiced. That man was David Wilkerson, minister of Times Square Church, New York City. Mr. Wilkerson had wept for several years America's moral situation, and finally it seemed that now there was time for revenge. It seemed for a while, that the economic depression, which started in South-East Asia would spread over the world and, that Mr. Wilkerson's visions he got in October 1987, was finally coming true. David Wilkerson wrote two books in 1997-1998 concerning the becoming depression; America's Last Call (1997) and God's Plan To Protect His People In The Coming Depression (1998). Mr. Wilkerson is a well-known pastor worldwide, and many people took his message so seriously that they sold all their shares at a reduced price believing that their value would not go up anymore. But, a few months after Mr. Wilkerson had published the second book, the economic crisis began to ease and share-prices started to climb. Many people who had sold all their shares got angry and sent angry feedback to David. But, the accident had already happened, and David Wilkerson's -- as well as other's "Judgement day -prophet's" -- rank decreased and people began to follow prosperity-gospel preachers, like Bruce Wilkinson. "Why should we listen such pessimists like Mr. Wilkerson." they asked. "God will never punish us." they said. "If God would have wanted to punish us, then He had punished us already."

When two planes crashed to the World Trade Center and third one to Pentagon in September 9th, many people thought that the world war three has finally begun. David Bay from Cutting Edge discovered the connection between the incident and occult number "11". When a man hijacked a Greyhound bus killing 10 people 11 days later, many people -- including me -- thought that all following terrorist attacks -- which are purposed to bring out third world war plus Antichrist -- would occur in such days which have link to the number 11. It seems that I was wrong, I'm sorry.

When Flight 587 crashed in Queens, New York City in November 12, I couldn't find number "11" from that incident. Maybe this was the reason why Cutting Edge did not write any articles about that crash. When I read other articles from that incident, I was convinced that is was not accident at all. A United Airlines pilot told in WorldNetDaily's article "Flight 587 Was No Accident" that ha has never heard before that a plane would loose tall and two engines by an accident. No one of us knows what caused the accident, but maybe it was an energy beam from HAARP or from satellite, which destroyed that plane. This might explain why we have heard so little about that incident in recent days.

Last Question: why Illuminati stopped using number "11" as their trade mark, if they really caused that crash? Cutting Edge revealed in one article, that Bush's administration visits regularly in the Cutting Edge's web-site. President Bust even referred to Cutting Edge when he spoke at the United Nations two weeks ago saying: "We are not going to tolerate conspiracy theories regarding to 9/11 attacks". Thus, Mr. Bush knew very soon, what Cutting Edge thought about the attack and it's relationship with number "11". That's why I think it is not impossible Bush's administration ordered the bus-incident in Sep. 22 in order to mislead Cutting Edge and other conspiracy-believers; so that they would start predicting dates for new attacks. But, October was very silent month, and many people who thought that world war three would start very soon became frustrated. Maybe Bush's administration wanted to make people frustrated. Maybe Bush wanted that people would stop listening the Cutting Edge and go back to Bush's arms. If flight 587 crash would have happened one day earlier (11/11), I'm sure that Cutting Edge had written a big article about the incident, and many people had believed that Bush's administration is guilty. This is something that Bush never wants. George W. Bush pretends that he is a born-again Christian and he wants that people would believe it.

Why The United States And Great Britain Order 3000 New Fighters?

NEWS BRIEF: "United States Orders Fighters which cost 1300 Billion Marks" Tekniikka ja Talous, November 15, 2001. p. 10-11.

"In the United States, there was mede a decision two weeks ago about world's biggest weapon order. Locheed Martin builts 3000 fighters to America's and Britain's air forces. These planes cost about 1300 billion marks (200 billion USD)".

Why do the United States and Great Britain order so many new fighters? People do not spend such huge sums of money for fighters if they don't think that they might need these fighters in the future. Several months ago I wrote an article "Illuminati's Cruelty Has No limits". In this article I told, that there is a small possibility that one or several nations from Scandinavia might say "No" to Antichrist and his World Government in the future. That's why I started to translate Cutting Edge articles into Finnish; I really hope that Finland would be such country. I also thought, that maybe Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland would be such countries. I know that Sweden and Denmark are morally very low but I can't say what may happen in in the future. Anyway, Finland and Norway, and maybe Iceland are pretty conservative Christian countries. This vision in front of my eyes I put weather tables also from Sweden, Norway and Denmark to my web-site. Maybe some weather-nuts from these countries would find my web-site, and Cutting Edge's site, too. I can tell you one interesting fact: I have had link to Bill Koenig's WorldWatchDaily -site since August 2000. In the bottom of his front page Bill lists the countries from where people visit to his site. Before I had my own web-site, there were no countries from Scandinavia in his list. But, after I had made a web-site to myself and put link to Bill, Finland, Sweden and Denmark appeared to Bill's list very soon. Nine months after, Norway appeared to the list, too. I think it's possible that trough my site many people from Finland and Scandinavia started regularly to read Bill Koenig's Christian news. Does this help enough, so that enough many people from Finland or Scandinavia would yell a loud protest against Antichrist, against our pro EU (European Union) leaders, give the sack to those leaders and choose a new government which would say "No" to Antichrist. Only time will tell what happens, but if you are from Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland, or understand these languages, I beg you to start translating Cutting Edge articles to your language. Then Cutting edge will put a link to your site.

I continued that article by thinking what might happen if a nation said "No" to the Antichrist's World Government; what kind of punishments the Illuminati would lay down over such country. Have the United States and Great Britain ordered these fighters, so that they could attack and destroy such nation(s)? If Finland said "No" to Antichrist, would USA and Britain declare war on Finland? Of course, Finland or any other country can not defend herself against the whole world. This would be short but bitter war. This kind of nation would become completely destroyed. Revelation 13: 1-8 reveals to us, that Antichrist will have power over all nations. If there has sometimes been a rebel nation(s), they are soon all destroyed. So, people have two alternatives: (1) they can accept the Antichrist, or (2) they can try to make a revolution and choose a new government which would say "No" to Antichrist and his World Government. If they decide to choose number 1, the Antichrist will force people to take "Mark of the Beast", and if someone refuses, he or she will face terrible persecution. Choosing the number 2 means, that all people will be killed together under Antichrist's heavy bombing. You can decide yourself: which one of these two alternatives is better.

Yet, I haven't answered to the very last question: why the third world war has not begun yet? How long we have to wait? To be honest, I don't know. All I can say is, that people behind scenes work very hard. USA plans to order 250 or 500 million portions of smallpox-vaccine. Only one smallpox-case might "force" Bush's administration to take action. If this happens, the New World Order is one step closer. Further, George W. Bush demands that Iraq must let UN's weapon inspectors to the country. Everyone knows, that Iraq's answer will be strict "No". Probably this inspector-demand is only a pretext so that USA could attack to Iraq. The next target might be Sudan, then Libya… The world war three may begin in any day, and number "11" does not have to include to the date.


Asia's economic crisis was a false alert, it was not Antichrist's time yet. This was a disappointment to me and many other people, too. But, what about the attack in September 11th? Only time will tell whether it was another false alert or first blow for third world war. We have a few months time to wait. If life returns to normal, many conspiracy believers will be in a serious trouble, and many people would stop listen those believers. I hope this is not the case.

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