What The Flying Saucers Are?

Part one: Roswell's Crash

It was the evening of july 2nd, 1947. Dark clouds gathered to the sky. A lonely flying saucer was on it's patrol-flight somewhere above New Mexico. Suddenly a lightning hit to the saucer, and it fell down. Three days later a cowboy named W.W. "Mac" Brazel was riding a horse in his ranch. Mac drove to the nearest city -- Roswell -- and reported to sheriff Wilcox. The sheriff contacted to Jesse Marcel who was a squadron leader of an air-base near Roswell. Marcel and his people began to explore the area. In the 8th of July Marcell told to the press that a flying saucer was crashed to the area. But only few hours later the Major gave an another press-bulletin: the subject was not a flying saucer after all, it was a weather-balloon. These men arranged a press conference and brought there aluminium remnant and other trash for trying to convince us that the subject really was a balloon. In 9th of July the soldiers closed the area. But romors tell that they would have found three alien bodies and one alien alive.

In Finland there have traditionally been a lot of UFO-believers, and some of those people have got a lot of publicity by writing books and making TV-programs. A common belief among those UFO-believers is, that a flying saucer did crash to Roswell in 1947, and that the scientists are still exploring the remnants and the alien-bodies because they want to know, how to travel in space and how to make better weapons. And the reason -- according to those UFO-fanatics -- why the authorities concealed the crash is that some religious (Christian) groups pushed The U.S. government to do so, because otherwise people would no longer have believed in Christian values anymore.

Part two: UFOs' Philosophy

The UFO-fanatics generally believe, that aliens from outer-space have visited to us several times during our history. They even created man, and that's why the "Missing link" has never founded. According to these believers the aliens still visit to us every now and then for trying to assure us that they are real and come outside of our solar system. The visitors also preach oriental New Age -philosophy; they try to convince us that Christianity is no more valid in the modern world, and we should get rid of it.

Part three: From Airship to Flying Saucer

What we can think about all of this? My opinion is, that a theory about aliens -- not from this world -- trying to convert us fron Christianity to New Age is mainly correct. UFO's shape has followed pretty exactly Earth's technology: In late 1890's huge airships were seenin the United States' Midwest. In 1930's people saw "ghostplanes" mainly in Northern Scandinavia but also elsewhere. In early 1940's people saw "ghost rockets", and finally, from the year 1947 the UFOs have mostly been saucers. Below I have written a sample from a Finnish UFO-book from 1971:

"We can also think, that the airship mystery of 1897 was a kind of training for the series of events which began exactly 50 years later: The humanoids trained for the saucer-operation. This kind of view is not picked from far away, because these two phenomenons are subrisingly similar. Not only behaviour of the aliens and air-vessels are similar, but people's mental and social reactions are similar, too."

Part four: A UFO-incident in Finland 300 years ago!

Pekka Lahtinen (a Finish writer and conspiracy-man) has -- in the book "The mystery of UFOs' is working out -- made a such deduction that the flying saucers are built by man, and that people drive those saucers because they want make us to believe in UFOs and space aliens. It is possible that some of UFOs are man-made, but i am sure that not all. Tapani Kuningas (a Finnish UFO-writer) has told in his book "Ufoja suomen taivaalla" (= UFOs in Finland's sky) about an incident which happened in Eastern Finland almost 300 years ago.

In that story, an old man -- who was a healer and witch -- said in one summer morning -- after he saw a bird flying to forest three times -- that he was asked to go to the forest. He went to the forest. At midday a flying disk came and stopped for a while above the village. The old man didn't come back from the forest. In the next day, son of the man went eo the forest looking for him. A speaking (!) bear came to the boy and said, that the man is gone. "The ship of sky took and carried him to a better world where a race which is higher than people on Earth lives." A sensation about the skyship spread around the region, but when a new priest said, that the people who say the disk were drunk, they slowly began to forget the story. It is completely impossible that someone could have built a flying disk or saucer almost 300 years ago.

Part five: Let's take the Bible

so, we can agree with the UFO-believers, that the flying saucers are real, and that the aliens who travel by those saucers would like to make us believe that they are real and come outside of our solar system. But what the flying saucers really are? In the Book of Job (the Bible) God asks Satan: "From where do you come?" So Satan answers the Lord and said: "From going to and fro on the Earth, and walking back and forth on it." According to Finnish translation, Satan answers to Lord, that he was revolving the Earth; so, it is possible that Satan meant that he revolved the Earth in the air. The flying saucers normally travel around Earth in upper atmosphere between the atmosphere and space; also, many UFO-contact persons say that there are large aliens' space-ships revolving Earth in space. A few years ago a well-known UFO-writer named "Rauni-Leena Luukanen" was in television talking about the UFOs with audience. One TV-watcher called to the studio and said, that he is a Christian and thinks that UFOs are evil spirits. Rauni-Leena got angry and said: "You can read your Bible, in the Bible there are several cases which indicates that space aliens are real." The story which is written to the Book of Ezekiel reminds somehow a UFO-incident (there are many books written about similarities between Ezekiel's story and modern UFO-contacts) but the Bible clearly indicates, that the visitors in the story are God's angels and other servants. Because a meeting between a man and God's supernatural creatures can remind a UFO-contact, it is logical to believe that also fallen angels can copy Ezekiel's incident and take saucer's shape. So they can fly in the sky and try to convince us that Ezekiel's story would have nothing to do with God or angels, but aliens from other planets.

In addition to this, the message that space aliens preach is very similar to New Age -philosophy. But Ezekiel's message has nothing to do with the New Age. In contrary, his message is in same line with Bible's other teachings. Also, such TV-programs like X-Files and Roswell are written to keep UFO-cult alive. So, we can expect that the authorities really want that people would believe in UFO's.

Part six: The Conclusion

In light of the cases I have written above, we can make a such conclusion, that the flying saucers and aliens who drive those space-ships are not visitors from outer space. The saucers are man-made or fallen angels. But how can an angel crash down and leave metal-pieces behind? It is possible, that in Roswell's case these fallen angels first materialized and took saucer's shape, and then crashed down, so that the crash would look like an accident. Maybe some of the angels took alien's shape and allowed then soldiers to catch themselves and examine them. If this is true, then the Roswell's incident was the biggest demon-operation on Earth since the flood. Also, when UFOs are abducting people there is a question about the fallen angels. If you are not a born-again Christian, your life will be exciting; you are in danger that the aliens (fallen angels) abducts you -- when you are walking alone in a dark forest -- and send you direct (alive) to hell. This is possible, because some abducted people never return back to Earth and tell what happened to them when they were in space. There are a lot of such stories in the UFO-books.


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