A long time ago, there was an island called "Atlantis". It was the most powerful nation in the world. People of Atlantis were so impudent that they wanted to conquer the whole world. They had already taken a large part of Europe and North-West Africa as fas as border of Egypt.


They attacked athenians, but the athenians were brave people who defeated the invaders and liberated all countries east of Gibraltar-strait.

Soon after, severe earthquakes and floods sank the island and ended almost all life on Earth.

"And this happened almost 12,000 years ago."

The New-Agers just love all kind of mysteries, and a theory of brave athenians fighting against evil atlantineans 12,000 years ago is that kind of mystery that they are easy to believe in. It is a beautiful story and excellent for those who are that much conservative that they don't believe that UFO's would be visitors from outer space, but who still want to believe in a different explanation than Bible or Darwin's evolution theory.

However, there is a strong link between Atlantis and many occultic cases. That's why, when the Antichrist arises, Atlantis might be an important part of his philosophy.

2.1 Cosmic consciousness

Plato (Platon in finnish) heard this island fron an egyptian priest. He told Plato, that athenians are like children. They remember only one flood even if there have been several of them. He said: "Reason for this is: mankind has been destroyed many times; usually of water and fire. And after a certain period" - 12,000 years? - "sky floods again taking with everyone exept the most ignorant and uneducated people.  ...And your nation is again as young as it was in the beginning of times."


This is a typical New Age -philosophy. These people have no problems of believing in a "God" who destroys the mankind once in every 12,000 years, and without a purpose. This is, because they don't believe in a personal God, but in a "Universal Consciousness", and in a life which has no deeper purpose that "growing up" (=evolving). Notice, that Bible's God promised He will not destroy the world by flood anymore (Genesis 9:11).

2.2 Reincarnation

Atlantis has also inspired people who believe in reincarnation. There are a lot of people who have told that they remember parts of their previous lives in Atlantis. Reincarnation is totally against Bible's philosophy.

Ian Stevenson, a man who has done a lot of research conserning the reincarnation, asked once a high-ranked buddhist monk about his opinion about memories people had from their previous lives. The monk said, that all of these memories were caused by evil spirits. Even a buddhist monk who believes in reincarnation, do not accept a theory that people could have memories fron there.

An Austrian writer Otto Muck has written a wonderful book about Atlantis in 1976. Of course there are many other writers, too who have written similar books - Charles Berlitz is probably the most famous, but Otto Muck has approached this subject more scientific way. When I first read that book (12 years ago) I thought that this book gives me the final evidence about the human life that exists more than 12,000 years ago. I also thought, that bible's flood-story is now proven false, but it only reflects a real truth which is: Atlantis.
Otto Muck and many other writers have given strong evidences for that Atlantis really existed. However, Bible does not deny a theory that such island or small continent has sometimes existed in the middle of that ocean. But when there is a question about the time - Plato told that Atlantis sank "9000 years before Solon" - we have some problems in front of us. According to Bible, Adam was created 5500...4000 BC, and the flood which came about 1500 years later, was much stronger event that Muck's Atlantis-disaster.

If we want to believe that the Bible is God's word and without errors in it's original form, and also take into consideration Muck's evidences, we must state that these two events are two separate events, and the Atlantis-disaster happened later that Bible's flood. It is generally assumed that the priest who told Plato about the Atlantis made a mistake, and the 9000 years should be 900.

There are many scientists - Christian scientists - who try to explain the flood like Bible teaches. They have thought that in the past, Earth was covered by a layer of water in upper atmosphere. Later, this water-layer fell down covering lands by a water-layer which was several hundred meters or even a few kilometers thick. This water-layer in the atmosphere sheltered the Earth fron harmful radiation and explains why people lived so long in the past: even 900 years, according to Bible.

5.1 Noah's Ark

Otto Muck Believes that the Atlantis-disaster is the same as Bible's flood. However, he believes that the disaster was caused by a massive asteroid which fell near Bimini-islands in West-Indies. He has calculated, that the asteroid brought 30-meter rainfall to the Earth. This rainfall was not enought to cause Bible's flood, and that's why Otto Muck has developed a strange theory: even if have seen Noah's Ark in Ararat, Otto Muck tells that a real place for the Ark was not Ararat but another mountains named Cudi. The Cudi is much lower Ararat, and it is hardly possible that "Otto Muck's 30-meter rainfall" could have risen the Ark 1600 meters to top of Cudi.

5.2 Mammoths

When the water-layer fell down, very cold air flooded direct from space to poles covering them ice. The mammoths that were found from Siberia were frozen at the same time. Otto Muck's theory can't explain why so big animal was frozen; so quickly that their meat was qualified to eat.

It is a common theory among the New Age -believers that Giza's three pyramids were build much earlier that archeologists believe. Famous "Sleeping Prophet" Edcar Cayce has told that the Pyramids were built by survivors from Atlantis in 10,500 BC, and that they were a land-based representation of the stars in 'Orion belt' from that time. However, the pyramids/Orion -match was not exact in 10,500 BC; there was more than 10 decree difference. A professor Anthony Fairall has drawn a picture where he explains it - you can load it from is what the New Agers do not want to believe.


I can't completely assure anyone that Atlantis was not destroyed by a massive asteroid 12,000 years ago. However, there are some evidences against it. We have seen that God, Bible's God Still lives and works today. Who wants to reject these evidences of a living God and turn back to worship an old story whivh was told to Plato by an egyptian priest in about 350 BC.

When there is a question about the destruction of Atlantis, there are two kind of views: According to Otto Muck, a massive asteroid dropped to the ocean near Bahama. There are two big holes in the bottom supporting Otto Muck's theory. However, Plato, Edcar Cayce, and many people who have memories from their "previous lives" in Atlantis tell the same story. The destruction was not caused by an asteroid, but some kind of "scientifical tests". Because we are now moving into 'Era of Aquarius', many New Age philosophers expect a new similar disaster than which one destroyed the Atlantis a long time ago. They also believe, that UFO's will pick them off the Planet just before the disaster begins; Other people who are not so "enlighted" will be destroyed, and later, reincarnated in this or in another planet. As I have pointed out, Atlantis, like the whole New Age is a huge subject and full of contradictions. For me, it is imbossible to find "the Final Truth" from there.


December 1, 2000

Pasi Toivonen

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