The New Age And Reincarnation

Peoples' belief in reincarnation, and how it works has altered remarkable in the last few decades. Traditionally, reincarnated-based religions have been like any other law-based religions: The reincarnation has been a rightful punishment of person's sins and the people who believed in it, wanted to get rid of the circle by doing good works , as their conscience demanded. Some people were even able to believe in a personal God and reincarnation without any conflicts between these two doctrines.

But, I think this is Satan's purpose: at first he tries to explain that the Bible's Final Judgement is unrightful and people should stop believing in it. Next he tries fall the whole God's law by explaining, that there is no such things like "right" and "wrong".

This is exactly, what the New Age teaches today. In their doctrine, the world is a good place and getting better all the time as well as the people do. The New age also encourages people being selfish by explaining, that a person who has found his or her inner 'God' automatically re-borns to the better conditions in their next life. The only sin that the New Age-believer can do is, if he or she loses his/her inner 'God' by being converted (becoming Christian).

It is difficult to understand, how the eternal punistment can be rightful, but there is two things I want to say: at first, a person who has never heard Gospel will be punished slightly - I have a few arguments to believe that there is a cold section in hell (like Mary Baxter explains in her book called "A Divine Revelation of Hell") - and secondly, there is no rightfulness behind the New Age.


Written: January 18, 2000

Let Me To Explain...

Both I and David Wilkerson have been preaching about the becoming economic depression - I have just repeated what he has said - and chaos which will probably lead to the Antichrist and Mark of the Beast. This Web-site has been in the Net about 10 months, but nothing has happened so far. I haven't had change to say: "Look at me, I was right!"; fortunately, I say now because a few days ago, when I was reading a christian newspaper I saw an article which told me, that in Kenya, several members of one church had starved to death. Christian people (believers) starving to Death!! That schocked to me. I will not say that they were bad christians - only God knows and can judge them - but there is one thing I want to say: If this is happening in Kenya, what do you think is going to happen to you or me, who live in prosperity having sinful life: I mean sitting in front of television and watching anti-Christian pictures that are producted Hollywood produces.

If you want to escape the coming judgements, repent, confess your sins, accept the atonement which is given by Lord Jesus throught his crusifixion and blood in Golgata. It might also be a good idea to store food and, if you have extra money, give them off to charity. You should also stop living sinful life - I am trying to reduce watching TV - and keep more time with the Lord. Maybe God will head you and save you during the becoming judgements.

I also encourage you to contact Mr. Wilkerson and ask him if you have any questions. He is an expert and the only one to who I can trust in these bad times.


Written: October 5, 2000

I Have Been Thinking...

It finally seems that the end of the times are upon us. NASDAQ has dropped almost 30% from it's highest level, Euro has hit record lows, oil-price has soared dramatically, and we have seen how truck-drivers have blocked oil-refiners and harbours throught Europe...

Among Christians, there has always been a fight when there is a question about events of the last days and timing of the Rapture: some people say that there will never be any rapture, some people believe in a mid-tribulation Rapture, but most people seem to think that the Rapture can happen any time, and they don't even want to hear any warnings about becoming stock-market crashes, wars, natural disasters or anything else that might threat their happy and luxurious life.

This has not been my opinion: I have been warning of those things almost one and half year. I have read how Christians are persecuted many parts of the World every day, and I ask myself: "How can a rightful God allow this kind of persecution in the Third-World Countries and us in the rich West to continue our sadless luxurious life until the Rapture comes... '-and it comes for all of us'."

No. This has been the reason, why I have believed, that before the Rapture, we all must face the disasters I have told above, and also some kind of persecution like behind the Iron Curtain a few decades ago. But later I realised, that this is not nesessarily. The rapture CAN happen any time, but it will not be the Rapture for all of us - it will be a Rapture which is specially meant for the Christians in China, Muslin-World and South-East Asia, because they have suffered so much.

But in the rich West, perhaps only 10% of the Christians (or Church-members) will be raptured, and the rest must stay on Earth and face the Tribulation. Not because life has been so easy; but because they have frosen their hearts by watching anti-Christian Hollywood-movies and reading Harry Potter-books.

This is a serious message, even for me. But if you find out that you have missed the Rapture, there is one good thing: perhaps even 90% of the members of your Church have realised the same thing - so you don't have to be alone! Of course there will become the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, and the execution for them who refuse from taking it. The executions will be made by guillotine, it is a painless way - and someone can say - a beautiful way to die for Jesus.

But this is just a theory. God wants that everyone would be saved, and everyone would be raptured. That's way I still believe that the stock-market will crash before it, and so God will give us a hint what is it like to live in a middle of the Great Tribulation. And so God will help many of us to turn back to God before the Rapture and save us from missing it.


So many people will miss the Rapture, What it is based of? -Read Matthew 25: 1-13. Half of the virgins (congregation) will be left behind. There are about 100 million Christians in China. If 90% of those will be raptured, somewhere else (as many?) will miss it.
Revelation 20:4 (NKJV): "...then I saw souls of those who had been BEHEADED for their witness to Jesus and for the Word of God who had not worshipped the beast or his image..." In other words: they were beheaded because they didn't worship the beast. Word "beheaded" can be translated "executed by guillotine". Joseph Guillotin, who introduced that instrument during the French Revolution in 1792, was a Mason. Also, the Revolution was a Mason operation. And Masonry has a powerful secret society which will have a great role in events of the last days as well as they have a great role in today's world.


Written: December 1, 2000

Several Warnings, But "Life Goes On"

In this year, there have been several signs or warnings concerning the becoming judgement but so far, everyone of those signs heve been only a warning. I believe that God has given us those warnings to arouse us from deep sleep that many Christians have fallen to. Some Christians have already waken up and starded to prepare for bad times - I mean: not only by storeing food, but by spending more and more time in front of God by praying and asking Him for advice - but unfortunately many Christians are still sleeping; they may think that Jesus won't come back in the next hundred years! They may startle when they hear, for example, that Stock Market has crashed 10% but when it starts to recover, they say: "Anything serious didn't happen, life goes on...". Then they fall sleep again. ...And when they hear more similar warnings they get used to them and finally they don't even notice those warnings.

Another sad group of people are those who have put all their hope in "Pre-tribulation Rapture", which mean that God will pick them up before anything harmful happens. I have read Bible and my opinion is, that terrible things may happen before the Rapture. Read Matthew 24:29-31 and Revelation 7:9-14. I believe that this is the Rapture. Also, a prophet named "T. S. Gibson" told october's newsletter, that we have to wait a few years until "Harvest of Souls" (Rapture) takes place.

Below I have listed a few signs/warnings that God has given to us. The next one may not be a warning anymore. A small thing can fast escalate to a World-wide disaster. And when this happen we have very little time to be prepaired.

1.sign: Asian economic crisis.

In the late 1997, the World was about to fall into a deep economic depression. One day the New York City Stock was closed before it's closing-time because of Share-fall. David Wilkerson wrote his books "America's Last Call" and "God's Plan To Protect His People In The Coming Depression".
2.sign: Technology-shares crashed.
In March 2000 NASDAQ dropped 30% in a few days. By now some Internet-shares have lost even 98% of their value.
3.sign: Unusual weather
FAO has reported that this year's harvest will be 1.7% smaller than last year because of drought in the U.S. and flooding in Europe and South-East Asia.
4.sign: Fuel protests
Truck-drivers blockaded gas stations and oil refiners in many European countries trying to cut fuel prices. Nowadays people are aggressive and ready to start fighting against unpopular governments.
5.sign: U.S. election mess
There are evidences that the Democrats are trying to forge votes for Al Gore. He has spoken for poor people, but is it a reason to steal elections? Is U.S.A. falling from democracy into dictatorship?
6.Sign: violence in the Middle-East
This violence could lead into a war between Israel and her Arab-Countries.
Supplement December 13, 2000: I'm sorry. I didn't expect that George Bush would become the President of The United States. Congratulations to George W Bush!



Written: January 10, 2001

I'm Sorry

It seems that I have followed to a flase prophet. The problem is Thomas Gibson. When I found his Web-site, he seemed to be a good prophet; some of his prophecies were similar to David Wilkerson's prophecies.

However, Thomas Gibson writes that we should wait even 30 years until Jesus returns. That kind of information could press down many Christians, specially those who are waiting for the Rapture to happen any moment. It depressed me, too. So, I contacted to a reliable ministry and asked if they know the truth. One man answered to me in the next day and wrote that Thomas Gibson is a false prophet, and I should ignore everything he says. He also said that Thomas Gibson's prophecies were against Bible. There is a lot of in the Bible that I don't understand. If the ministry says that Thomas Gibson is wrong, then he probably is. That was a relief, we don't have to wait 30 years. I'm sorry if have mislead you.

PS: Even Thomas Gibson is a false prophet, David Wilkerson is NOT a false prophet. I can still trust everything he says.



Written: February 16, 2001

What Happened To A Young Idealist

Many years ago, when I was not yet a new-born Christian, I wrote in a school a composition that the teacher liked a lot. The composition was based on a Star Trek -episode that came from television a little earlier. In that episode the crew landed on a planet where people lived in harmony with Nature. They were happy people and they had no stress. I felt like there was an eternal Sunday on that planet.

I don't remember how the episode ended but it is not important. In the composition I brought an idea that this planet would be much better place to live, if all people would do same way as they did in the Star Trek -episode. If we all would move to more fertile area to live and if we would raise ourselves our own food. Only the essential consumption goods would be made in factories.

Later I realised how stupid and naive I was. Because my parents have a summer cottage and many big kitchen-gardens there, I have got practical experience about what it is to raise own vegetables and to chop own woods for fireplace. On the other hand it is pretty comfortable to work there in sumer, and - I think - it would be hardly possible to raise so much potatoes and carrots that I wouldn't starve to death till next summer. But, during the last years I have realised how much distress and pain people bring about to their fellowmen and -women everywhere in the world. If people in the rich West would abandon their present life-style and would depress their standard of living to a level there was one hundred years ago, we were no able (no money) to send missionaries to foreign countries telling people about Jesus. I don't mean that we should begin to start consuming like maniacs - it is wise to spare money - but if you are a new-born christian and if you have a good job, you should be grateful to God about these people who vonsume and help you to keep your job. You should also remember to lay down 10 - 20% of your income to charity.

Of course, no one should spoil the environment with purpose. Jesus has promised to come back before Earth is incapable of living. It is possible that a few species of insects may vanish before, but in God's eyes man is much more valuable than other creatures. It is so, because man has an immortal soul and He spends an eternity either in Heaven on Hell.

The environmentalist say that factories should make big and expensive sacrifices because of the environment. However, I have never heard any fanatic environmentalist giving up his (or her) rights. For example, I have never heard anyone saying: "I desided not to have babies because I want to save the world."


I think about these people who lived one hundred years ago. Life was physically much harder but I am comforted by the idea that they didn't suffer for nothing. People who lived 50 or 100 years ago had much bigger change to save their souls and get in to Heaven. This is because at the time people lived in a closer relationship with Nature. They had no TV, Internet or Harry Potter - books which could have turned their hearts away from God. And even if most of them finally ended up to Hell, they will not be punished so hard. Nowadays the medicine has developed so much; people know - for example - the secrets of human body so well that if someone still want to believe, that man has evolved by accident, then he has desided not to believe in God. So he can't defend him in front of God at the Day of Judgement.



Written: March 5, 2001

Who Finally Won

More than three months ago I mentioned that there are evidences, that the authorities were trying to forge votes for Al Gore. I made my opinion when I read the following articles from the NewsMax:




Last monday, the Miami Herald -newspaper finally checked all 10,600 votes which were given in Miami-Dade -country, and which the machine couldn't count. The result showed that Al Gore got only 49 extra votes. It is likely that George W Bush had won the elections anyway - even if all votes would have checked also in Broward, Volusia and Palm Beach -countries.

When they started to recount the votes at the first time, Al Gore got hundreds of extra votes; now he got only 49! Maybe the authorities really did try to forge votes for Al Gore, but something went wrong and the Highest Court interrupted the recount. It is possible that the authorities tried to show people that "evil Christians" - most born again Christians voted for George W Bush - are ready to become violent to get such President that they want. It is also possible that the authorities wanted to convince the citizens, that because Christians and George W Bush are so "evil" and because the values they represent are so "wrong", they (the authorities) have some kind of "cosmic right" to try to forge votes for Al Gore.

I Don't know, what is the final truth in this case, but it doesn't finally matter whether there is Al Gore or George W Bush as the President of The United States. Al Gore is a New Age -lover and George W Bush belongs to an occultic secret  society  (Skull & Bones Society).



Written: March 15, 2001

LaHaye & Jenkins vs. David Wilkerson

Tim LaHaye's and Jerry B. Jenkins' book-set called "Left Behind" has been very popular both in Finland and USA. So far, five books has been published into Finnish from the set, and when the set is finished it will contain more than 2000 pages.

I have read four of those five books and I can say that I am not very satisfied with the books. For example, I can say that David Wilkerson's book "God's Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression" has only 181 pages (Finnish edition) but it's spiritual content is much larger. Also that book is much cheaper to buy than LaHaye's and Jenkins' set.

What is wrong with the "Left Behind"? My opinion is that the book-set is more like pure entertainment than spiritual book. The book-set represents a typical "Pre Tribulation Rapture" -theory and it seems that the writers don't even want to think about possibility that people could face some kind of persecution before the Rapture.

LaHaye and Jenkins give a beautiful description about life after the Raprure. According to the books, God takes care of His people a special way; He even gives wifes and husbands to the main character of the books. Because life after Rapture is so "wonderful" and "exciting", it is no wonder that many people who have read the books don't even want to be raptured; they want to miss it and see what is the world after the Rapture.

The most sad thing in those books is the doctrine about how man will be saved. The main characters teach that man has to ask forgiveness - it is correct - but they don't say clearly that words "Jesus I want to give my life to you" are no "Hokus Pokus" -magic words which give the salvation automatically; they don't say that heart's attitude is the most important. Many people think that "once saved is alvays saved", and that's why they don't have "fear of God". This is the reason why many people don't like Christians.

Another thing: the main characters of the books teach that if one does not want to loose his salvation, he (or she) must personally try to convert another people. This is something I can't understand. Paul teaches that man is saved by God's grace, not by his own works. If this was not true, Paul's doctrine would be nothing else but a joke. Also, if someone tells to his fellowman about Jesus is and if the fellowman finds out that he speaks only because he is forced to do so, the message doesn't reach the fellowman's heart, and the fellowman may think that if he wants to be saved he must convert another people just like "this one", whether he wants or not. However, don't mis-understand me, it is very important to do good works but those works do not bring the salvation. 1 st Corithians 3: 12-15 is written for those who have no good works at all.

David Wilkerson has been wise because he has not begun to give dates about when the Rapture will happen. He has told that we have no right to expect a quick Rapture. This is so, because in many parts of the world Christians must suffer about persecution and no-one has raptured them yet. David Wilkerson has told many times about his vision about New York is the hands of fire and anarchy. This vision can become true before the Rapture. If Wilkerson's theory - that The United States is the most sinful nation in the world - is correct, it would be strange if Christians don't have to pay part of the consequences of sin. Christians are part of society in the USA and everywhere else, so it is likely if they also have to pay, if the society begins to worship the Devil.

When there is a question about salvation, David Wilkerson says that one really must start a new life. However, I have never heard Wilkerson saying that one must tell about Jesus to another people. Wilkerson says that after becoming born again Christian one should spend time on his knees and pray every day. Otherwise he is in danger to loose his faith and salvation.

In this report i have introduced the differences that there is between LaHaye's & Jenkins' Christianity and David Wilkerson's Christianity. Everyone is allowed to make his (or her) opinion about which one of these two theories suits better to Bible's loving and rightful God.



Written: March 22, 2001

America's Faulty Christianity

In recent years we have read about how Christians have been under attack in the United States; churches have been burned and church-members have been shot to death. I think that the hostility against born again Christians comes from the political system of the country.

There are two main parties in the USA; "Christian" Republican Party and "anti-Christian" Democratic party. Both of them are far away from true Christianity. Because there are only two main parties, citizens don't have much to choose. And because the campaign requires so much money, it is very hard for even talented people to raise to the Senate or House of Representatives outside of these two parties, or to establish a new true Christian Party like there is in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The Republicans say that they represent Christian values. It is partly correct; they oppose abortion, for example. But many other values that they pepresent are not so Christian anymore. The Republicans have traditionally been good friends with tobacco companies; it is sin to smoke ciragettes, writes one  minister in Internet. Also, the Republicans are willing to cut social benefits and not keen on raising minimum vages.

The most terrible thing, however, is that Republican "way of thinking" kills people. For example, British newspaper "The Guardian" reported a few weeks ago that hundreds of children die every day in Africa, because the drug companies do not allow to sell inexpensive AIDS-drugs there; the same drug companies which supported "Christian" George Bush.

To be honest, I must say that some companies have now started to sell cheap AIDS-drugs to Africa, but it happened only because of international pressure.

The great persecution is coming. When the Antichrist arises, he has a lot of examples to point out that Christians are "greedy" and "evil" people. And in contrast, people who has nothing to do with true Christianity (Clintons, Gore) are "better" and "more human" people. So far, only David Wilkerson has been "America's Conscience"; He opposes abortion, and remarriage after divorce, but he has also spoken for underpaid workers and he has said that cutting too much social benefits is a sin in front of God.

Finally, I can say that if Christians do not begin to take care of poor fellowmen, the Antichrist will do. Also, God will use Antichrist's hand to give His rightful punishment to bad Christians.



Written: March 23, 2001

Illuminati's Cruelty Has No Limits

According to American interpration, in the last days the world will be divided into ten parts. The Antichrist, who makes this division will also appoint the representatives ton everyone of these ten states, and these statesmen - which are described in the Bible as "Ten kings" - will then rule under Antichrist's direct subordination.

So called "Conspiracy theories" are nothing else but a theory about secret groups (Mason, Illuminati) who work very hard to make the mankind to the point where citizens could accept the Antichrist's leadership and give up their independence to the United Nation's world government.

Illuminati-organization is propably the most secret and powerful of those numerous secret groups. This organization has really existed, there are well-known documents about it. In 1785 one illuminati's courier died, because of lightning stroke, in the woods when he was travelling to Paris. He had secret documents which helped to expose the organization and it's aim to create the "New World Order".

Most illuminati's leadermen were exiled or they just disappeared. The organization was closed down, but rumors tell that it still works under Mason's shield.

If the Illuminati wants to make true these old aims, they should make people abandon old Christian values and replace those another ideology. We can ask ourselves whether the world is going further off from those Christian values, and if the answer is "yes", whether there is a secret group (or groups) behind this phenomenon.

I  believe that it is possible. I believe that so called "New Age" -ideology has been created just for this purpose. According to the ideology, some people are more evolved than another, and if there comes a man which is supposed to be in a special high level, the New Age -philosophy does not only accept but it even demands that we should begin to worship such person.

Many people are repeating Illuminati's lies saying that there is no God but a "Cosmic Consciousness" - which is love - and every living organism is basically same; this is the reason - they say - why it is wrong to eat meat, for example. However, the Illuminati has designed these lies only for stupid idealists. In fact, the Illuminati believes in evolution and evolution says that a stronger organism has right to destroy or enslave a weaker; there is no space for word "love" in evolution. Illuminati believes that he is this so called "stronger organism" and that's why we (normal people) can expect no mercy from those.

What about if there are one on more nations in the world which refuses to give up her independence to the Antichrist or UN's world government. I can only try to imagine the terrible punishments that the world government would hand down for the rebel nation. Zechariah 6:8 (NKJV) says:

And He called to me, and spoke to me, saying, "See, those who go toward the north country have given rest to My Spirit in the north country."

According to one interpretation, Finland, Sweden or Norway could be a such country where God's spirit will rest in the last days. Because there is a firm bedrock in Finland it is unlikely that the world government would create earthquakes or volcanic eruptions for us. Instead of that, night frosts in June and August have traditionally been a threat for harvest in Finland, Sweden and Norway. That's why we can expect that the world government would use weather weapons creating night frosts in summer and trying to destroy the harvest. Then, the Illuminati would tell his other citizens that "Mother Earth" hates so much born-again Christians that she wants to remove them on the Earth by creating those natural disasters.

Why Finland could be a such nation which refuses to accept the Antichrist's leadership? In Finland the Church and State are united like they are in many other European countries, but Finland has an extraordinary  position because there is - to some extent - revival in the Finnish State-Lutheran Church. Also, the Church has pretty good relationship with Pentecostals and another small churches, whereas, in many other European countries Pentecostals are described as "suicide cults" and they are persecuted.
Also, in Finland Pentecostal- and born-again Lutheran preachers use to visit in schools telling children about Jesus and how important it is to be born-again; I don't think that it would be possible in the U.S.


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